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Class of 2016 Model Representative Search!

Hey everyone!! I am so excited to announce our Class of 2016 Senior Model Representative Campaign in our first blog post! This is such an exciting time to be apart of Simply Photography! Right now, we are on the hunt for outgoing, fun Class of 2016 members to join our team for this upcoming year! We are offering amazing opportunites to ear prizes like gift cards, prom dresses, iPads and more.

I have really poured my heart and soul into this project. Photographing Seniors is my passion, and I wanted to be able to create a program that is exciting and unique for my Seniors. I wanted it to be more than just simply earning product credit, or credit towards their session. I wanted Seniors to be able to earn prizes that they could really get excited about!

So, Class of 2016, this post is for you!! I am still currently accepting applications thru probably the first week of March! Spots are limited!

Looking forward to an AMAZING YEAR!



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