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Senior Sessions: What to Expect

It finally managed to climb back in the 20s today here in Michigan! Seems crazy that I'm getting excited over 20 degrees, but it has been COLD here! Today really has been beautiful. I've been sitting here, gazing out into my backyard, taking in the sunshine.... and it really got my heart longing for SUMMER! And what comes along with summer? Senior Sessions!

So what can you expect from us here at Simply Photography for your Senior Session?

I really want your experience with Simply Photography to be the best! As a photographer, my goal is to make your experience fun and relaxing so your personality shines through the lens. When I was a Senior, I was awkward and stiff and just plain 'ol uncomfortable and it showed! I like to try to get to know my Seniors before the actual session, so we'll schedule a time so we can meet and discuss what you are looking for in your senior photos. This helps me get to know you, so when it is time for your session, its already much more relaxed!

In the weeks and days leading up to your session, I will be available to help with things like wardrobe, accessories, props etc. I am also so excited to be able to offer my Seniors hair and makeup packages that are available if you choose.

The day of your session, we'll meet at the predetermined location, or if hair and makeup is chosen, we'll start there. Once you are prepped and ready to go, we'll start shooting!

I LOVE for my Seniors to bring along a friend or two with them to their sessions. I encourage you to bring along that friend that can always get you to laugh! A natural smile reveals your truest self and is just simply beautiful! (See above photo) :)

Once your session is complete, it usually takes me about 2-4 weeks to sort through your photos and do the editing and retouching. The time is takes me correlates to the volume of sessions I have to go through. Once your photos are completed, you will be invited to my home studio for Premiere Night! I'll have your photos and a dessert of your choice for you, your family, your friends or anyone else you'd like to bring along!

Just a couple of other things...

* I prefer to shoot on location whenever possible. I love the variety it gives me and the opportunites to be creative! I love the natural light that you get when shooting outdoors. It really adds beautiful depth to photos. If you are looking for strictly a studio setting, I am not the photographer for you.

* I strive for sessions and locations that are unique to you and your personality! If you are looking for cookie cutter, posed senior portraits, I am not the photographer for you.

* I like to have fun! I am not afraid to go that extra mile to get the photograph I want. I have been seen almost falling into a river, lying in a bed of prickers, having rocks gouging into my back and sides... the list goes on.

* I am very easy going. These are your photos that you will have to live with forever. I want to create memories for you that will last forever and that you are proud to show everyone! If you are not pleased with how your photos turn out, please don't be afraid to tell me! I have no problem with re-shooting your session. I want you to be completley satisfied!

I hope this gives you a better idea of what to expect! If you have any questions, or would like to book your session, email me at



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